Paint your own Ceramics.  All of our pricing is all inclusive.  Your sitting fee, over a 100 choices of glazes, stamps and stencils, Specialty glazes and project ideas are all at your finger tips.  After we fire it in the kiln to make it shiny and food and water safe.  Prices range between $20-$150.  The hardest part is picking the right color.


Paint your own canvas or on specialty papers.  All of our pricing is all inclusive.  This includes your sitting fee, acrylic paints, water colors, inks, pencils, markers and charcoal, stencils and brushes.  Prices depend on the size of canvas. $10-$50

Party room available for your event. 
Book the room and you can customize your party to fit any budget.  The room hold 12 people and free to reserve.  Call us to book and then Bring the cake, decorate and have a new way to celebrate your day.